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The J5 Team consists of a group of dedicated professionals with extensive expertise in supporting the Department of Defense, who believe we can affect change and be a leader in our business. Our principal goal is customer satisfaction. We believe that we all live in a changing and dynamic operating environment. As a Team, our goal is to shape the way changes are made and how we must respond to change. A large part of that response is to match our Teams resources with our customer's needs.

The J5 staff has significant experience in a wide cross-section of skills from systems engineering and computer software development to marketing and program management support. The J5 staff is highly qualified with significant experience to handle the full spectrum of our clients needs.


James M. Dean

In September of 2004, Mr. Dean founded J5 Systems, a growing employee owned corporation. He is currently serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of the Board. J5 Systems provides: custom software design and development, systems engineering, systems integration of hardware and software, and program management and engineering services to various Department of Defense organizations.

During the previous nine years Mr. Dean was President/CEO, and Chairman of ComGlobal Systems, Inc.; a highly respected Information Technology company that was headquartered in San Diego, California and locations throughout the United States.

ComGlobal was sold and became a subsidiary of Analex Corporation located in Reston,Virginia. Mr. Dean is a founder of ComGlobal and the first employee when it commenced business in June of 1995. During the nine years of operation under Mr. Dean's direction, the Company had grown to over 200 employees. The Company received several awards and accolades during Mr. Dean's tenure and leadership at ComGlobal Systems, Inc.

Mr. Dean received a Bachelors of Science with honors in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, California in 1981, where he was invited to become a member of Tau Beta Pi, an engineering honor society. He received a Masters of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, California in 1989.

Early in his career, Mr. Dean worked for the Department of the Navy at the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC). Between 1983 to 1987 he managed the research & development, testing, and validation of various advanced computer, communications, and information display systems at NOSC. From 1987 to 1988 he was the Senior Systems Engineer for the Inter-National Research Institute (INRI) where he managed tasking with the Department of the Navy for design and development of new information technology systems.

Mr. Dean started the San Diego operations for Tiburon Systems, Inc. in 1988, as a Senior Systems Engineer. Between 1991 and 1995 he was the Director of San Diego Operations for Tiburon. At Tiburon, he directed the San Diego staff that performed software development, computer and communications systems engineering, hardware and software integration, testing, and documentation for advanced and innovative information technology systems.



Cham W. Louie

Mr. Louie is a co-founder of J5 Systems and has more than 27 years of experience in the operation and analysis of automated C3I/combat systems. He has been the program and business manager of various DoD projects in software development of C4I, Command and Control information and display systems since 1984. He has managed and provided technical lead for system design, administrative support personnel, and software engineers in the development, integration, and test and evaluation of Navy and Joint C4I systems.

He is dedicated to the goal of matching the "right people to the right project". Mr. Louie possesses a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, MBA from National University and JD from the National University School of Law. Currently he is on an overseas assignment supporting SSC LANT communications and networks IPT for installing and upgrading AFRICOM's C4I infrastructure at Kelley Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany.


William J. Ray

Mr. Ray is the Director of Science and Technology for J5 Systems. He has served as the C4I Technical Advisor for COMSEVENTHFLT. Mr. Ray was Program Manager for SPAWAR's Command and Control Warfare Commander's Model (C2WCM) which involved writing statements of work, developing software, developing user manuals, performing installations, and conducting training and managing the budget. He was Chief Engineer for DARPA's Joint Task Force Advanced Technology Demonstration (JTF ATD) where he was responsible for technical leadership. He was the Principle Investigator for ONR IL/IR Project. This was an independent research project sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. The research was targeted at the optimization of distributed, object-oriented systems. Mr. Ray holds a PhD and MS from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA for Software Engineering. He also earned a BS in Computer Science and BS in Mathematics from Purdue University in West Lafayette , IN. He is a Visiting Associate Professor and head of Research for Software Engineering at Automation Center (SEAC).

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Tonya L. Carroll

Ms. Carroll is the Office Manager for J5 Systems.  She is responsible for the general management of the office, liaison with the BOD; travel arrangements, coordinating meetings and events, assisting with the stock option program, preparing various reports, preparing office correspondence, equipment care and supplies, and editor of the quarterly newsletter.  She handles healthcare, retirement, VSP Vision Care, and the Section 125 Plan.  In addition she is tasked with, payroll, customer service, and file management.

Ms. Carroll wears an additional hat at J5 Systems, as she is the Facility Security Officer.  As such she is in charge of clearances, visitor requests, the facility clearance, and the overall smooth running of the J5 Systems security procedures and program.

Ms. Carroll is a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in Langley, Virginia where she was employed from 1990-1999.  At CIA, she was the Special Assistant to the Scholar in Residence in the Regional Analysis Unit under the Directorate of Intelligence in the Office of Near Eastern, South Asian, and African Analysis.  Ms. Carroll was the Academic Outreach and Expertise Coordinator for the Directorate of Intelligence.  She was awarded the highly competitive “DI Intelligence Commendation Medal” for tradecraft and is considered a “Recognized Conferencing Expert.”  She wrote a twenty-five page manual on the topic of conferencing, which is used Agency-wide to assist with conferencing, programs, and event planning.  Ms. Carroll was the assistant editor of the “NESA Review,” a monthly publication.  In addition, she assisted with the well known “CIA World Factbook” for the office of NESAF.

During her nine year employment at CIA, Ms. Carroll received four promotions, fourteen Exceptional Performance Awards, A special Exceptional Performance Award for NESAF Employee of the Year, A Special Performance Certificate for the running of the yearly two-week long “Middle East Realities” course, and a Meritorious Unit Citation for Exceptional Performance of Duty while in the Persian Gulf Division during Dessert Storm in the early 1990s. In addition, she successfully completed the Department of State’s Middle East Training Course.

Before entering employment with CIA, she was employed with Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in Reno, Nevada from 1982-1990 in the Graphics Arts Department.  Ms. Carroll was a press operator preparing numerous types of printed materials for Harrah’s Hotel & Casino’s in Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Atlantic City. 

Ms. Carroll was an active member of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen from 1984 to 1990.  She held the office of Treasurer from 1988 to 1990.  Ms. Carroll was awarded two scholarships from the Association to assist with her education.  She was recruited from Harrah’s Hotel & Casino in late 1989 to accept employment at CIA in Langely, VA.

She majored in Office Systems Technology in Annandale, Virginia. She attended TMCC in Reno, Nevada where she minored in Graphics Arts.




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